Microsoft Office is synonymous with productivity. From Microsoft Word to Excel, these programs help us write, organize, visualize, and process information and data, both individually and as a team. For additional Microsoft-focused blog content, see our articles about how to make the most of OneDrive and our Teams series highlighting Chat, Channels, and Meetings functions.

For those times when you need one final review of a PowerPoint presentation or to make a last-minute addition to a Word document, Microsoft’s suite of mobile apps are designed to give you complete access to your working files whenever you need them.

Microsoft’s Focus on Portability

Microsoft has pushed to make their Office Suite of programs available not only on desktops and laptops, but also on smart phones and tablets. Today, even if your primary work tool is a portable device such as an iPad, you enjoy access to many of the same features as the desktop versions.

If you have a Microsoft 365 subscription through work or school, or even a personal account, then you likely have access to Microsoft’s full suite of apps on your phone or tablet at no additional cost. Not sure if you have a Microsoft account and want to sign up for a subscription? Simply go to to log in or create an account.

The New Microsoft Office App

Recently Microsoft has released it’s go-to mobile app for iPhone and Android, combining Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more into a single app. To install the app on your phone or tablet, browse to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for “Microsoft Office.”

The app’s main draw is that you can easily view and edit all your Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations by simply reaching into your pocket. The app isn’t limited to just Word, Excel, and PowerPoint either. Here’s a brief overview of the additional features the Microsoft Office app offers:

  • Share files – Allows you to quickly share files between your computer and your phone. You can also share files with nearby phones.
  • Image Conversion – Take a picture on your phone and copy the words or text in the photo to Microsoft Word. You can also create a table in Excel by taking a picture of a set of numbers or words.
  • Interact with PDFs – Sign PDF forms, create PDFs from images or pictures, and convert from PDF to a Word document and vice versa.

What Other Microsoft Office Apps are Available on My Phone?

Beyond the new all-in-one app, other notable free Microsoft Office apps include Outlook, OneNote, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams. You can find these by searching for them on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Being productive has never been simpler. No longer are we tethered to a desktop or laptop to get work done. If your Fort Worth business is considering a move to Microsoft 365, you’ve probably considered the robust features and add-ons your organization and employees would benefit from. Our TriQuest team members are here to make sure you maximize efficiency no matter where your employees call their “office.” Click Contact in the top right menu bar or call us at 817-882-8500 Ext 2 to find the right Microsoft 365 tools for your business’ unique needs. And make sure to check out our blog post about how you can achieve Reliable IT with TriQuest Technologies.