If you’re unfamiliar with the catch phrase “Create Your Everyday Windows Experience,” it’s Microsoft’s not-so-subtle reminder of how customized the Windows 10 experience can be for every user. And it’s no wonder! With an endless list of handy and helpful features, today we are excited to highlight 5 of our favorite not-so-well-known tips and tweaks.

1. Focus Assist

Focus Assist is a built-in feature designed to minimize distractions and allow you to stay focused on what’s important while hard at work. You’ve likely seen bothersome notification banners pop on your computer up from applications while you are trying to concentrate. Instead of breaking concentration to dismiss the notifications, with Focus Assist, you tell your computer that you don’t want to see any distractions right now.

To find, type Focus in Windows search. Once you get to the settings, you’ll see that you have several options. Here you can turn the feature on or off, set how strict you want it to be, and set up rules so it turns on automatically when you are doing a certain activity.

2. Action Center

Action Center is where all your app notifications live in Windows 10. Here, you’ll find Quick Actions, a set of tiles that give you access to frequently used settings and tasks such as Wi-Fi connection, Focus Assist, Night Light, and Screen Toggling. These timesaving clicks keep you in the zone and optimize your productivity. To open the Action Center and review notifications, look for the Message Icon found on your task bar.

3. Clipboard

You are likely familiar with using the copy/paste function on a computer or phone. If you copy text or image in Windows 10, it is saved to the clipboard. Within the clipboard settings, there is a feature you can enable called Clipboard History.

Clipboard history allows you to save multiple items onto the clipboard for later use. This is handy when you find yourself copying the same thing often. To turn on clipboard history, you can find the option by searching for clipboard in Windows or by pressing Windows Logo key + V on your keyboard.

4. Dark Mode

A simple, yet often overlooked setting, is Dark Mode. Not only does enabling Dark Mode help with eye strain, but also it adds a unique look to your Windows experience.

To change to Dark Mode, simply open Settings on your computer. Find Personalization, then look for the dropdown that says, “Choose your color.” Select “Dark” in the dropdown list and you’ll notice that your settings page and open applications automatically update to a black background. You can also choose “Custom” if you want Dark Mode for Windows only and wish to keep your applications Light.

5. Multitasking

Incorporating just a few multitasking options and tools can vastly improve your productivity. The toolbox is full in Windows 10! To check them out, you can either search for multitasking or open Settings and navigate to Multitasking. Here you will find several different sections.

Want to know our favorite Multitasking hack? Snap windows. Especially for those who would benefit from working within multiple applications or browsers at the same time on a single screen, you can easily grab the top bar of the application and drag it left, right or top edge of your screen! Snap two, three or even four windows together for max productivity.

Bonus multitasking shortcut: Just press ALT + TAB together on your keyboard, then let go of the TAB key. With this you can cycle through all the applications you have open. To open one, just press TAB until you are over the application you want, then let go of the ALT key. Voila! Chase down that elusive app in two simple clicks!

Fresh, seemingly hidden, features like these are released by Microsoft twice a year. Everyday users and power users should personalize their experience to get the most out of Windows 10. Whether you need help with turning on a few settings or would like to talk about your overall IT strategy to keep your employees productive, TriQuest experts are here to help.

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