Since founding TriQuest Technologies 24 years ago, CEO Gary Tonniges Jr, CPA, has provided Fort Worth businesses with exceptional technology solutions by maintaining focus on what he believes are three daily standards of operational excellence: Teamwork, Learning, and Planning.

“When you combine these three things together – teamwork, learning, planning – you’re able to deliver service that’s greater than the sum of its parts. We call this ‘The TriQuest Way,’ and this focus provides every customer with the competitive advantage of having reliable, responsible, right-sized IT that can grow, change, and adapt as their business evolves.”

Growing up as an Army brat, Gary moved constantly and quickly figured out that when arriving in a new area, joining a team like football or soccer was a way to make fast friends. This continued into college, through his participation in ROTC Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M. Upon entering the business world, he realized the power of creating a team and that TEAMWORK itself was even more important – because no one person can know everything. By having a group of people conditioned to work well together, where everybody knows what they’re accountable for, you can produce a better product and service.

Gary credits his appreciation of the value of LEARNING to his grandmother, who as a child of the Great Depression believed strongly in getting a solid education. She toiled long days at an egg factory to put his dad through college, enabling him to graduate from the University of Nebraska. She would always say, “Whenever you learn something, they can’t take it away from you.

After leaving college, Gary landed an entry-level position at a local accounting firm. He loved the work and the organization, but to grow his career he needed to pass the CPA exam. He understood the importance of making this happen; however, he carelessly neglected the prep work necessary and therefore failed the exam several times. After the third time, he and his wife sat down, discussed what needed to happen to create the future they both wanted and together created a step-by-step plan to pass the exam so his career could finally take off. With this additional PLANNING, Gary easily passed the exam.

As a licensed CPA, he took on more and more responsibilities at the firm. Eventually his passion for technology changed his role. When the savvy partners realized their clients had similar tech issues and put him in charge of a new IT services group, with full P&L responsibilities, to assist clients with their technology issues.

Soon recognizing the challenges inherent in an accounting firm trying to build a side business selling IT services, Gary left to form TriQuest Technologies – a dedicated IT Solutions firm staffed with knowledgeable, certified, professional technicians. TriQuest consistently delivers reliable IT services, going beyond providing “break-fix” kinds of services, and instead helping customers plan, utilize, and secure technology as the key infrastructure for the growth and success of their businesses.

Gary graduated from Texas A&M in 1992 with a degree in accounting. He wears multiple hats at TriQuest, including Network Design Architect and CEO. His wife, Cyndy, graduated from A&M in 1991 with a degree in Business Analysis. She leads the Marketing and Membership departments for TriQuest Technologies. They have two children, a freshman and a senior, both attending Texas A&M. Whoop! Gary and Cyndy enjoy working together, which they hear is very unusual for a husband-and-wife team. They also enjoy traveling, rooting for the Aggies, snow skiing, backpacking, and reading.


Gary is known as the “Top Nerd” in the Fort Worth chapter of the Texas Society of CPAs, and his IT expertise is in high demand. He willingly shares his knowledge with fellow members – as a speaker and leader.

Gary is the current treasurer for the TXCPA–Fort Worth chapter and former committee chair of the Business & Industry Committee. He is on the Board of Directors for the state Texas Society of CPAs and is former state committee chair for the B&I committee.

TXCPA-Fort Worth Chapter 1997-Present
TXCPA 1997-Present
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants 1997-Present
TXCPA Outstanding Committee Chairman Award – Business & Industry Issues 2020
TXCPA-Fort Worth – CPA of the Year Award 2020
Fort Worth Inc. Entrepreneur of Excellence Finalist 2020


Playing a lead role within the greater Fort Worth metroplex matters deeply. TriQuest’s company culture is based upon a set of shared company values – competent, considerate, diligent, professional, responsible – that guide everything we do, for our customers, our families, and our community.

Treasurer, TXCPA-Fort Worth 2021
Board of Directors, TXCPA 2021
Fort Worth A&M Club Member 1992-Present
Treasurer Elect, TXCPA-Fort Worth 2020
Business & Industry Committee Chairman, TXCPA 2018-2020
Business & Industry Issues Committee Chairman, TXCPA-Fort Worth 2016-2020
Board of Directors, YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth 2017-2020
Treasurer, Messiah Lutheran Church 2009-2011
Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce Small Business of Year, awards judge 2003-2006


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TriQuest has been recognized a number of times over the years for its leadership in both technology and business. “It’s a testament to the trust and partnerships we’ve built with our customers,” says CEO Tonniges, “and is the most compelling evidence I know that entrepreneurship is still the lifeblood of the American economy.”

Inc. 5000 Award 2020
Inc. 5000 Texas Award 2020
Aggie 100 Honoree 2019
Job Links Business of the Year Award 2017
Greater Tarrant Business Ethics Award 2013
Fort Worth Chamber Small Business of the Year Award 2001 and 2002


Microsoft Certified Partner 1998–Present
HP Partner 2014–Present
Cisco Premier Partner 2015–Present
Dell Technologies Partner Program 2018–Present