Ransomware Recovery | Cloud Backup | Disaster Recovery | Rapid Restoration

Hackers attack every 39 seconds.
On average, that's 2,244 times a day!

Do you have peace of mind that your data is properly backed up?

Are you confident your IT guy can restore your data quickly in the event of a cyber breach?

Cyber-attacks are on the rise. Flood, fire, and theft are other disasters that happen to businesses every day. Most organizations are ill-prepared for a cyber-incident.

How you respond to a cyber-attack is important. Breathe! You do not want to make it worse.

  1. Disconnect. You could reduce the impact.
  2. Document. Screenshots of ransom demands can assist the authorities.
  3. Enact Incident Response Plan. Follow the policy; this is a security breach.
  4. Contact IT Professional. Experience always helps.
  5. Attempt Backup Restoration. Refer to #3; do things in order because you do not want to make things worse.

Are You Prepared For A Disaster? Ask Yourself:

  • Am I 100% confident we have a good backup from yesterday?
  • How long will it take to recover from a ransomware attack?
  • What redundant processes protect our data?
  • Am I adequately insured?

We Can Help.

  • Create a sophisticated backup & recovery plan.
  • Enforce strict protocols.
  • Answer questions when you want to talk.

The Result.

  • Your peace of mind.
  • Confidence your business will survive a disaster of any kind.
  • Written disaster recovery plan for your organization.
  • Trust in your IT system.
  • Minimal downtime & quick restoration of your system if necessary.

Want confidence that your company will survive a disaster, schedule a FREE Cybersecurity Assessment.

After completing this FREE cybersecurity assessment, you will know:

  • Is your system up-to-date with software patches?
  • Is your IT system truly secured from cybercriminals, viruses, and rogue employees?
  • Is your current backup configured properly to ensure that you could be back up and running again fast in a cyber-attack?
  • Are your login credentials and passwords available on the Dark Web?