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Effective cybersecurity requires vigilance and multiple layers of defense.
Cybercriminals value your assets as much as you do.

Security. Performance. Reputation. Cost.

Four important reasons to stay ahead of cybersecurity threats.

Your assets are worth as much to cybercriminals as they are to you. Take action today to protect what matters and improve your company’s security posture.


A System-Focused, Cost-Saving Strategy.

Security is a moving target with cybercriminals continuously developing new threats to businesses of all sizes. Hacker-proof cybersecurity requires high-quality threat analyses, including Protection, Detection, and Response.


The privacy and security of your most valuable assets begins with the internet and ends with your employees. The time to establish your plan and prepare your response to security incidents— whatever they may be— is long before they ever happen and cause incalculable loss. The complex threat landscape doesn’t spook us, and it shouldn’t spook you.

Focus On Business, Not Technology.

It’s never been easier for organizations to focus on the important work of innovation. Gain the protection you need to guarantee high performance, compliance, uptime, and operating efficiency. We’ll help you get to where you want to be while eliminating the noise of IT.

Your business goals determine your cybersecurity plan, not the other way around.


Predictable Spend, Monitored By Experts.

Customers trust TriQuest for security expertise because we have over 25 years of first-hand knowledge managing IT infrastructure and direct experience with budget planning for small and mid-size organizations. By building security into every layer of a network, we deliver actionable threat intelligence to identify risks before they are realized.


Enjoy true peace of mind and full control over your IT budget—without “foot-in-the-door” pricing and “out-of-nowhere” costs.

FREE Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Protect What Matters.

Secure Tomorrow by Knowing Your Risk Today.

Businesses without cybersecurity strategies in place leave themselves open to devastating risk.

With more of our personal information held in digital form than ever before, cyberattacks to access business’s data and exploit it for financial gain are increasingly innovative and sophisticated.

We have a 3-step system to Cybersecurity:

  • Protection: Protecting your systems, network, and programs from digital attacks.
  • Detection: Detecting when cyber-incidents occur.
  • Response: Responding quickly to mitigate incidents before they become a serious breach.

Reliable technology is critical to running your business; any technology-enabled processes you operate must work, and work consistently. A poorly formed cybersecurity strategy to protect these processes from intrusion is a significant business risk.

We’ll assess your current exposure to cyber threats and stress test your system to pinpoint any vulnerabilities. We’ll then design a robust security system to keep your assets, data, and business processes safe.

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Gary Tonniges Jr, CPA
Founder & CEO, TriQuest Technologies, Inc.

After completing this FREE cybersecurity assessment, you will know:

  • Is your system up-to-date with software patches?
  • Is your IT system truly secured from cybercriminals, viruses, and rogue employees?
  • Is your current backup configured properly to ensure that you could be back up and running again fast in a cyber-attack?
  • Are your login credentials and passwords available on the Dark Web?