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After-Hours Critical Support

IT Support Team You Can Rely On.

Technology is complex. Hire a team of specialists with knowledge in the technical areas you need.

Technology is used in every facet of business. Air conditioning control systems are accessible through the network and updated remotely. Security camera systems, phone systems, and fork lift operations are examples of the myriad of technologies integrated into businesses that require support. Each of these functions has a vendor that specializes in that aspect of service.

What you need is a coordinator. A company that can keep all technical aspects working, plan long-term, coordinate with your vendors, and even your internal IT employees. Sometimes a teacher or administrator is the first responder to company IT issues and they just need a backup.

TriQuest cost-effectively provides the knowledge and systems you need to design, procure, install, and support the technology. We coordinate the technology components so you and your employees can focus on your business.

We Can Help.

  • Support Desk services.
  • After-hours emergency support.
  • Monitoring.
  • Patch Management.
  • Ticket management to track issue resolution.
  • Regular Technology Business Review Meetings.

The Result.

  • Fewer technology interruptions.
  • Clear IT improvement objectives.
  • Reliable asset inventory.
  • Confidence technical issues are resolved.

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