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Reimagine productivity & increase employee collaboration from anywhere.

Microsoft 365 is a set of applications that help people and businesses stay connected and get things done.

Collaboration just got easier. Automation is integrated.

Everyone is familiar with Office 365 and its suite of products (including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, & Publisher) because this flagship suite of products is pre-installed on every laptop and desktop. The product name change to Microsoft 365 (M365) has caused some confusion because it is the same, but different. Microsoft says the new name is more reflective of the product's reach beyond the traditional office.

M365 includes all the desktop apps you are familiar with but in a subscription format. Subscriptions allow you to specify the number of licenses your organization needs and quickly adjust as demand changes.

M365 also includes online storage and cloud-connected features which allow real-time collaboration. Both OneDrive and SharePoint have been around for years. OneDrive is simply the cloud-version of your former on-premise server local personal drive; one drive for your files. One key difference is you can share files with a link vs attachments, neatly keeping the document stored in the original location. SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform where users can share files and work on them simultaneously, making it an ideal location for storing common company files. (Think of the company file room before servers.)

Improve Employee Productivity

  • Employees can edit the same files simultaneously.
  • Save files in one location and link to them, rather than sending attachments.
  • OneDrive stores files in the cloud, allowing access from anywhere.
  • Employees can teach your inbox to de-clutter itself and reduce spam.
  • Excel recognizes changes and will automatically reformat your data.
  • Reduce time tracking down signatures; request electronic signatures through Outlook.

We Can Help.

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  • Integration of new and existing tools.
  • Available to answer your questions.

The Result.

  • Increased employee productivity.
  • Ability to work when, where, and how you want.
  • A place for everything and everything in its place.

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