Michael Walton Operations Manager
The Walton Group, LLC

“…We’re not technology experts. So, we knew we could trust TriQuest [with weekly software updates]… we know, we come in Monday morning — our software is going to be up-to-date, we’re gonna be in compliance, and we can do the work we need to for our clients. So, it may sound like we’ve outsourced technology, but really having TriQuest as part of our team — it’s like we have an inhouse technology provider. You call them, you email them, they’re gonna answer. It really is the relationship for us — and knowing we can trust [TriQuest] with one of the key parts of our company? That’s invaluable!
— Michael Walton

“…With TriQuest and building this foundation that we’re building now; we’ll be able to continue to add new software programs to our operations as our business grows… [TriQuest] made the commitment. They’ve lived up to the commitment. I don’t think we could’ve asked for any better partner in this kind of relationship.
— Dione Kennedy

Dione Kennedy President & CEO
Performing Arts Fort Worth, Inc./Bass Performance Hall

Doug Renfro President
Renfro Foods, Inc.

“…Before TriQuest, we had a 1-man band. The guy did a great job for 20 years but, one person cannot be in more than one place at a time. Also, he just couldn’t keep up with technology because he was a 1-man shop. I rely on TriQuest to keep us current—in terms of security, the hardware, the software. At this point, I seem like a TriQuest salesperson because I am so enthusiastic! I tell everyone that TriQuest Technologies does a fantastic job in the IT world and [hiring them] would allow you to focus back on your core business. I could do a lot of it myself; I don’t want to. They have allowed me to get back to doing want I want to do which is helping create delicious salsas and share those with the world.”
— Doug Renfro

Not only do they take care of all our IT needs, TriQuest Technologies listens!

TriQuest ensures that the systems used by Most Blessed Sacrament Church use only the latest technology to take good care of all our IT needs. We take comfort in knowing that someone else is not only keeping up with technology, but also making sure that our systems are running as efficiently and effectively as possible.


TriQuest delivers responsive, personalize service–we know we can rely on getting the support we need any time we call TriQuest for consultations regarding technology concerns or questions.


And finally, TriQuest listens! When I expressed some frustration with calling the Support Desk and reaching only voicemail, TriQuest changed their policy; a LIVE team member answers all Support Desk calls live between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.


TriQuest is the ONLY IT firm I’ve worked with in the 8 years I’ve been at MBS. We’re extremely pleased with their knowledge and the personalized service they provide. It’s reassuring to know that whenever we have any concerns or questions regarding technology, we have someone we can rely on to get the answers we need.

Nancy Hollis Business Manager
Most Blessed Sacrament Church
Arlington, Texas

When it comes to IT, you need a partner you can TRUST to inspect, provide, and maintain high performing systems – selecting TriQuest was one of our BEST decisions

When it came to our IT services, we needed a partner we could trust to inspect, provide, and maintain high performing systems according to our needs and without investing internal resources.

TriQuest is the right answer—providing solutions based on our needs, recommending products and systems that can grow with our organization, while helping us better understand IT risks and best practices.

It’s a big decision to choose the right IT partner – selecting TriQuest was one of our BEST decisions.

Greg Pinkerton Director Operations
Standard Utility Construction
Fort Worth, Texas

If you want to make sure you NEVER have to worry about tech issues again, call TriQuest.

TriQuest has stabilized our entire IT Infrastructure and improved overall system reliability dramatically.

I no longer worry because TriQuest provides the systems expertise and IT Project Management skills we need, presenting alternative solutions that balance both time and cost.

TriQuest’s commitment to continuous learning produces a much higher level of professionalism across the board. And the size of their staff ensures there’s someone available to address tech issues should they occur – they’re always just a quick phone call away.

You get what you pay for, and the additional investment will be worth it, because TriQuest will grow with your company.

So, if you don’t want to ever have to worry about tech issues again, call TriQuest.

Tom Brockenbush, CPA CFO
Standard Utility Construction
Fort Worth, Texas

When unexpected issues an emergencies strike, you can count on TriQuest.

Before choosing which firm will manage your IT, you need to first understand what’s important to you. It could be cost, service, size of the firm, or support. Since choosing TriQuest, one of the biggest benefits we’ve seen is their RESPONSIVE SUPPORT DESK, which I can call whenever I need assistance or when unexpected issues occur.

TriQuest’s executive management team is very responsive—especially when an emergency such as a hack happens—responses are timely, expectations are set and managed appropriately, and everything goes according to the timetable.

We knew what was important to us in making our decision. TriQuest has definitely met all those expectations.

Jim Leito Owner
Fort Worth, Texas

Tech issues? No worries–TriQuest is just a quick phone call away.

When our systems encounter any kind of technical issues, I no longer have to worry…

Because help from TriQuest is a just a quick phone call away.

I know I can count on TriQuest because the high-level of professionalism and size of your staff ensures there will always be someone available who’s able to address any technical problems that arise.

If YOU don’t want to ever have to worry about your tech issues, call TriQuest.

Andy Rector Founder/Partner
Rector & Eargle, PC
Fort Worth, Texas