Who Is Gary Tonniges Jr, CPA – And Why Is Anyone
Concerned About Cyber Threats Talking To Him?

Who Is TriQuest Technologies And Why Do Fort Worth CFOs Trust Us To Provide Their Businesses With Reliable IT Solutions?

Gary Tonniges Jr, CPA

As Fort Worth’s IT Solutions leader for 24 years, TriQuest Technologies supports business customers in every industry – nonprofit, legal, arts and culture, construction, finance, engineering, professional service firms, and religious organizations.

TriQuest Technologies specializes in supporting CFOs and controllers who are responsible for directing and managing the IT support within their organization. Technology is everywhere, but every business is unique. We help customers utilize technology and be more effective in their work – while keeping their critical systems and data safe and secure – by consistently delivering reliable IT solutions. The result is IT that just works – when, where, and how you want it.

Gary Tonniges Jr, CPA, founded the company in 1997 and serves as its CEO. He graduated with an accounting degree from Texas A&M, earned his Certified Public Accounting license, attained an Executive MBA from TCU, and maintains numerous technical certifications. His wife, Cyndy Tonniges, graduated from Texas A&M with a Business Analysis degree. She maintains her Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR), Myers-Briggs (MBTI) and Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO) certifications. She leads the company’s Marketing and Membership departments.

Gary’s goal from the beginning was to deliver service that’s consistently greater than the sum of its parts. Also known as “The TriQuest Way,” this focus provides every customer with the competitive advantage of having reliable, responsible, right-sized IT that can grow, change, and adapt as their business evolves.

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Is Reliable IT At The Top Of Your Customers’ Risk Management? It Should Be!

Four times a year on average, business executives, including but not limited to CFOs, CEOs, and department heads, sit down around a rectangular table facing a whiteboard or projector screen. At the top of the whiteboard, written in red marker, it reads “Key Business Risks.” They have a detailed report in front of them with worst-case-scenario line items like compliance failure, building risks like fire, and human risks like injury, then somewhere down on that list is “cybersecurity.” On that item, the conversation is brief. It’s not the executive’s problem; after all, that’s why they have an IT team. “Let’s make sure data is protected and our systems are secure,” they say, and everyone at the table agrees. They assign their IT tech to the task and check the box. Done and dusted, right? Not quite.

Before the digital age, it was routine for businesses to leave tech conversations within the IT department — outside of larger dialogues around operations. IT was tucked away in a back office, taking care of abstruse coding and software installations, and the business plugged along.

Today, we’re in the mid-digital age, the dual- sided coin of digital transformation where, on the one side, nearly every business uses some level of technology, like apps, scanners, or mobile devices, to connect processes and execute business strategy across the entire enterprise.

How A Tech-Savvy CPA Launched One Of Fort Worth’s Most Successful
IT Solutions Firms By Focusing On Teamwork, Learning, And Planning.

Gary hadn’t planned on going into IT. In fact, after graduating from Texas A&M with a degree in accounting, he joined a Fort Worth firm with the dream of a career as a CPA. But because he had some computer expertise already, he jumped at this chance to go after these “gremlins” – he felt there was something deeply wrong with this kind of answer.

“I had read about computers while trying to get my new home PC to play a game called Wing Commander and I discovered how much I loved learning about technology. I decided to become an expert in systems and networks. Before long, the partners replaced Frick and Frack, telling me to get rid of the gremlins once and for all.”

With that, Gary left accounting behind. He’d reached his goal of becoming a CPA, but now discovered a dream to integrate the business acumen and integrity of the CPA profession with technology management. He was reassigned to oversee his firm’s computers and network. Realizing their clients needed help too, the partners put him in charge of their technology services group, with full P&L responsibilities.

After five years, Gary left to form TriQuest Technologies with the goal of creating a professional services firm that would consistently deliver reliable IT and high-quality technical services within an environment of trust and support –so, even if it came time to separate, both employees and clients would be better off than before TriQuest.

Who is TriQuest?

Gary’s Top Areas Of Expertise

  • Strategic Alignment of technology to meet business goals
  • Network Design redundancies for high availability environments
  • IT Budget designed to align with technology plans
  • Compliance guidance to meet 3rd party mandates and audits
  • Developing Custom Processes to support key line-of-business applications
  • Disaster Recovery plan of action for business continuity
  • Big Hairy Problems –
    • IT Director just quit –who is going to hold it together until you replace them?
    • New client contract will triple size of your business –how do you get ready?
    • Governmental compliance regulations changed – and you cannot pass the audit?

Known as the “Top Nerd” in the Fort Worth chapter of the Texas Society of CPAs, Gary’s IT expertise is in  high demand, and he willingly shares his knowledge with fellow members –as a speaker and leader.

Gary is the current treasurer for the TXCPA–Fort Worth chapter and former committee chair of the  Business & Industry Committee. He is on the Board of Directors for the state Texas Society of CPAs and  is former state committee chair for the B&I committee.

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Our Team Provides Exceptional IT Services

7 Reasons CFOs And Controllers
TRUST TriQuest Technologies To Support
& Secure Their Networks

We specialize in supporting CFOs and Controllers responsible for directing and managing the IT Support within their organization.

Are you tired of working with IT Consultants that don’t know how to SPEAK TO YOU IN TERMS YOU ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND? Are you frustrated by continually receiving insufficient answers to seemingly simple questions, like “WHAT SHOULD MY IT BUDGET BE FOR NEXT YEAR?” At TriQuest Technologies, we believe CFOs and Controllers who are responsible for making their organization’s strategic IT support and security decisions are severely underserved—and WE ARE HERE TO HELP. We aligned our company to focus on supporting financial professionals throughout Tarrant County. We want you to look forward to calling your IT Consultant, someone for you to collaborate on future decisions about IMPROVING YOUR NETWORK SECURITY AND PRODUCTIVITY.

Our Founder & CEO Is The Current TXCPA-FW Treasurer And On The TXCPA Board of Directors.

ARE YOU FRUSTRATED with IT Consultants that NEVER BACK UP THEIR CLAIMS even though they swear they’ve worked with companies “just like yours” and tell you how they’ll be different than the last guy, only to quickly REVEAL THEIR LACK OF EXPERTISE? Our CEO, Gary Tonniges Jr, CPA UNDERSTANDS YOUR BUSINESS CONCERNS BECAUSE HE OWNS A SMALL BUSINESS, and HE SPEAKS YOUR LANGUAGE BECAUSE HE IS A CPA. He knows BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS and the FINANCIAL PARAMETERS necessary for small businesses. Gary is actively involved at the local (current TXCPA-FW Treasurer) and state level of TXCPA (Board of Directors). Gary previously served as Chairman for both the TXCPA-FW and TXCPA Business & Industry Committees and he frequently speaks to audiences about protecting yourself against today’s cybersecurity attacks, IT tips & tricks, and using technology to improve efficiencies.

Each Of Our Technicians Exceeds 200 Hours Of CPE Per Year.

Other IT companies promote "on the job" training, meaning their techs are EXPERIMENTING on YOUR network. Worse, they charge you for their employees to learn—this is a great deal for them but a TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE FOR YOU. At TriQuest, we think this is a downright UNETHICAL practice. We ensure EVERY TRIQUEST TECHNICIAN spends 200+ CPE HOURS ANNUALLY—4 hours of continuous learning every single week, 52 weeks a year—on technical and professional CPE to improve their technical ability to support your network BEFORE they are ever allowed to lay hands on your equipment.

Where Did TriQuest Come From?

TriQuest’s origination came about while Gary and Cyndy were backpacking the Maroon Bells 26-mile loop outside Aspen, Colorado. Waking up the first morning overlooking a crystal-clear mountain lake, Gary’s mind crystalized with the idea of starting his own IT services and technology support company. With the partners’ blessing and his division’s two employees, Gary left the accounting firm, taking several customers. The name “TriQuest” was derived from the 3 daily standards of operational excellence and the team of three starting a new adventure, or quest. “Technologies” was added to identify the industry.